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As many of you are likely aware, there is a recall effort underway in Portage County over 5 members of the 9 member Stevens Point School Board (SPSB). This will be a long post, so we will put the conclusion near the top, with points to ponder further on for those who are interested.

We believe that every member of Liberty Leaders understands that there should be new and better members elected to the SPSB.People that we respect are strongly opposed to this recall effort. People that we respect are strongly in favor of this recall effort. We will not attempt to dictate what your actions “should” be nor is this a purity test of who the “true patriots” are in the community. We value your ability and right to make independent, thoughtful decisions.

Points to Ponder:


  • Signatures are due on November 3, 2021.
  • 7,033 signatures for each of 5 candidates being recalled are required to trigger recall. Consensus says 10% to 20% more will be needed due to the inevitable disqualification of some inaccurate signatures. Signature gatherers are currently getting signatures for all 5 recall petitions at the same time.
  • The clerk has 31 days to determine sufficiency (accuracy) of all signatures. 31 days takes us to December 3, 2021
  • December 1, 2021 is first date candidates can take out nomination papers for the 4 vacant seats open in Spring 2022 election. January 4, 2022 is date papers are due.
  • On December 3rd (or before), if enough sufficient signatures exist (for each candidate), the clerk will announce a recall election for the Tuesday of the sixth week following the date of certification. Assuming the full 31 days are taken to certify, this means the recall election will be held on January 11, 2022. (It is possible, depending on how weeks are counted, that the date may be January 18, 2022.)
  • If more than 2 people announce candidacy for each of the 5 offices being recalled, then a primary must be held. We should assume this will happen. Note that offices are all at large, so more than 10 candidates, including current office holders, triggers a primary.
  • If a primary is triggered, it will narrow the list running to 10. The date for the primary will become the date of the original recall date – January 11th (or January 18th – see note above).
  • With a primary, the election will move to the Tuesday of the 4th week following the Primary. This is February 8th (or February 15th).
  • The originally scheduled Spring 2022 Primary Election is scheduled for February 15, 2022. What happens to the original primary if there is a recall? Does the recall become the primary?

Additional facts:

  • Five candidates are being recalled. Anyone elected to each of the seats in a recall election will only serve in the office until the original term expires. Here is the breakdown of each of the seats being recalled accordingly:
  • Vang, Portzen and Ebel seats – Terms expire April 2022. Anyone elected to these seats in a February recall will only technically serve until April 2022. (Less than 2 months) But what if the recall election takes place of primary? Has this been addressed?
  • Pope and Scott seats expire in April 2023. Winners of these seats in a February recall will serve until April 2023.

Politics is war by other means. War does not require strategy, but winning does. We are here to win. A recall is powerful tool, but only one tool amongst many.


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